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  • Tuesday, July 10, 2018 10:59 PM | Anonymous

    As Educators we have witnessed huge evolution in Educational Technology, regardless of your teaching area or level ( primary, secondary or higher education) Edtech has moved at light speed and is making a huge difference in the way we teach. Technology is helping us differentiate and provide new experiences for  our students never before possible, it is also helping our students learn and understand concepts better.

    Overall Educators must learn and understand basics about technology and be very familiar with 21st century tech skills. These skill are very crucial and will be needed by our students to survive in the working world. Pedagogy must always come before technology so educators must first start with good pedagogy, lesson goals and activities and then look for technology that  improves teaching and enhances student learning. 

    Here are a list of the top skills educators must have

    • Internet search and Research

    Educators need to know how to search  the internet. Search engines are a great tool to help find useful programs, materials and apps.  Educators need to learn to search as well as learn keywords and modifiers,using vague terms could mean valuable time is spent finding reliable information. As Educators we must also pass this skill to our students. 

    Google search tips and tricks

    • Using Productivity apps; word processing, spreadsheet, presentations tools

    Educators need to know how to create , edit , modify documents, presentations and spreadsheets . Microsoft office suite  is the most common productivity suite and has been the default for education however others like Google docs, Google slides and sheets are gaining popularity. 

    • Being willing to learn New Technology

    Ed-technology will always be a step or two ahead but educators must be willing to try new things, preserve through any challenges that may arise and stayed focused on the goal. Educators also need to learn to search a help menu on software or hardware and also know how to go to user forums for help. 

    • Collaborating and connecting online with other educators

    Collaboration is really important,Technology allows educators  to connect and collaborate with other educators world wide. Educators can learn,  share and receive ideas that will help them in the classroom . Educators can connect and also learn from other educators via social Media, most educators use social media for their personal life but not enough in their professional life, social Media is expanding our communication and providing a platform to showcase what we do.

    ACT Alliance learning networks

    •  Email Management Skill

    Educators must be able to use email to communicate with students , parents and colleagues . Basic email skills  include attaching and downloading attachments, creating email folders for proper organization/ filing. 

    •  Digital  citizenship 

    Digital citizenship is really important in the digital world that we live in now. Educators need to learn  how to properly use the internet and understand skills needed to be safe online. Educators need to serve as models on establishing norms in the digital age. 

    • Using Multimedia content to enhance student learning

    Students seem to be more visual these days than in the past, this may be due to all the new technology at their disposal. Educators must know how to add photos, info graphics  and videos to appeal to learners. With the growing wealth of resources  online, finding good and engaging content is now easier. Learning how to create  and share videos  is also a vital skill. 

    • Back up data
    Educators create enormous amount of data for work, it is really important to back up this data. Cloud computing is preferable to flash drive, with cloud computing educators can conveniently access their resources anytime, anywhere.

    What technology skills do you find useful in your classroom? What other tech skills are essential for educators in the 21st century? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section

    Dr Justina Adeosun is the co founder Howbury school and director at ACTedtech. She is a technology coach and is passionate about supporting other educators integrate technology efficiently. Dr Adeosun is a Google certified educator and a Microsoft Innovative educator 


Email: info@actedtech.com

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